Paint Weatherboards and Scribers

Our unique microfibre roller allows for painting areas where a brush would normally be required. Designed for Pros and DIY’ers who want paint fast with superior finish. The result speaks for itself. No paint brush required

Painting Balustrades and Handrails

See how easy it is to paint staircase balustrades and handrails with Two Fussy Blokes roller … This is by far the easiest method with the best results!! You might need your brush in stand-by for tight corners and fiddly areas.

Fastest Way to Paint a Deck

Painting a deck with the 10mm NAP roller sleeve is easy. Complete the job on an average sized deck 10 times faster than a brush.

Roll a Wall like a Professional

Painting your brick wall with roller doesn’t have to be difficult. With our rollers you can get them done with a minimum of fuss.

Adaptable Mini Roller in Action

See how the fabric gets out of shape and instantly comes back to its original shape without affecting the quality of the paint job. Extremely easy to use.

How to Remove Liquid Tape

Liquid Tape is a water-based yellow-transparent gel that after drying forms a strong and flexible, easily removable foil that offers great protection.