For those of you who don’t know what upcycling is, it simply means repurposing an old item into something new. You can do this in many ways, but we love to use our paint rollers on furniture!

Upcycling furniture helps save the planet because it reduces your carbon footprint. You don’t need to go out and buy a new piece of furniture for every room in your house or apartment that needs a makeover. Instead, you head up to Grandpa’s attic! Find something old and give it a fresh coat of paint using one of our paint rollers. They offer coverage so smooth that it’ll look as if you spray-painted it – but better!

There are many reasons why upcycling furniture is a sustainable practice. Let’s discuss some of the environmental benefits of upcycling furniture. Upcycling helps reduce waste. Where traditional manufacturing methods require the use of freshly sourced resources, usually acquired at the cost of the environment, upcycling reuses existing resources. Additionally, upcycled furniture can be beautiful and unique! We have some tips on how to paint furniture. We recommend using one of our premium paint rollers for a professional finish. 

Upcycling Furniture, Saving the Planet

One of the biggest benefits of upcycling furniture is that it reduces waste. When we create new furniture, we often use materials that are not biodegradable. This can create a lot of environmental pollution, and it also takes up valuable resources. By reusing old furniture, we can reduce the amount of waste produced each year.

Upcycling uses fewer resources than traditional manufacturing methods. When we make new furniture from scratch, we often use wood or other materials that need energy to produce. By repurposing old furniture, we can save these resources for future projects. We need to extract fewer materials from the earth’s surface when making new products.

Upcycling helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new items. It uses less energy, which means less greenhouse gas emissions.

Paint Rollers – The Easy Way To Upcycle Furniture

Upcycled furniture can be beautiful and unique. This is because each piece has its own history, which makes it one of a kind! Upcycling has many environmental benefits that make it worth doing if possible. One must remember not everyone can afford new products all the time. Repurposing items from around their house or yard might be necessary.  One way to do this is by using paint rollers, which are easy enough even for beginners. 

A paint roller is the best tool for painting furniture. This is because paint rollers are easy to use and they can cover a range areas, even the little nooks and crannies! Do you want your paint job to look professional? Use a premium microfibre paint roller to help achieve this result, such as a 5mm mini roller to paint your furniture easily. 

One benefit of paint rollers that you might not think about it is how much time they can save! Most people don’t realise how long painting takes until they try it themselves. Is your goal achieving a nice finish without having too many hours spent on each project? Consider getting some paint rollers. They’re also great because they leave behind less mess than traditional brushes.

Paint rollers cover large areas quickly and easily. This means that you’ll finish your project in no time at all!

Want To Get Started Upcycling Furniture? Buy A Paint Roller!

The first tool in your arsenal when it comes to fighting for the environment should be the one that makes upcycling furniture easy. Got your eye on a bed frame, a wardrobe, or a chest of drawers? Give it a new lick of paint in no time flat with one of Two Fussy Blokes’ mini roller sleeves. Every painter needs a mini roller sleeve for paint jobs that require that extra bit of detail and getting into all the little corners of furniture pieces when upcycling. 

With many different nap sizes to fit whatever surface you need to paint, with whatever type of paint you’ve got to work with, we’ve got it for you. Our mini roller sleeves don’t just come in nap sizes but with different finishes too, because we know how important the finish is based on what needs to be painted. Available textures include smooth, semi-smooth, semi-smooth plus, there are plenty of choices to fit what you need. 

We also have plenty of trade packs for when you’ve found the perfect one to use regularly and need to stock up. Shop online now to explore and try out quality products. We sure know you’re gonna love it!