The best tasks for a small paint roller

Some places are just more challenging to paint than others, and in these circumstances, you’re going to need a smaller paintbrush or roller. Smaller paint rollers can help you get to those hard to reach places. Paint smaller surfaces with ease while still providing an even professional finish. 

Small paint rollers can do the job just as well as larger rollers, and they can do what big rollers can’t as well. If you’re not sure when and where you should or could be using a small paint roller, here are some tasks they are best suited for. 


Small rollers are great for upcycling items, such as tables, chairs, desks, you name it. Whether you’re looking to change the look of your items to match – i.e., painting your dining set white – or are looking to refurbish your coffee table or other furniture items. You can easily do so without the hassle of needing excess protective gear when using a spray gun by using a small paint roller. 

You can achieve all your DIY dreams with a small paint roller, saving you time and money in the process. 

Behind toilets and sinks

No matter how you try, you probably won’t be able to get your large or regular sized roller into hard places such as behind toilets, free-standing sinks and bathtubs in your bathroom. These areas can also make it tricky for you to use paintbrushes and spray guns, so the best tool is a small paint roller that can easily fit behind these items and still provide smooth and even finishes. 


Using a big roller or a spray gun can be difficult on stair banisters and spindles. You could use a handheld paintbrush, but a small paint roller can be used more effectively, getting into all those nooks while saving you time. Using a paintbrush can be time-consuming, so if you need to get the job done, a small paint roller will be your best option.

Doors and windows

Smaller surface areas such as window frames and even doors can be hard to do with a regular-sized paint roller, as you might not be able to reach corners as well, or the surface areas are just too small. You could create a huge mess here. Thankfully small paint rollers and can do the job even more effectively by being smaller, less messy and capable of getting into those hard to reach corners. 

Skirting boards

Other hard to reach places include skirting boards. These can be tricky areas to paint, but a small roller can make the process easier while allowing for that same smooth and even paint finish. 

Paint touch-ups

If you’ve accidentally damaged your wall or need to fill in holes because you’re moving or you’ve just noticed some chips in your pain, a small roller is an excellent tool for helping cover these up. Rollers provide a lovely, smooth streak-free finish when used properly, and a small paint roller is perfect for these small jobs, making the process quick and easy for you. 

Paint rollers you can trust 

mini paint rollerHere at Two Fussy Blokes, we have a great range of small microfibre paint rollers that can help you with these touch-ups and get into those hard to reach places. You can choose from 5mm, 10mm, and 15mm paint rollers. They apply a flawless finish, just as well as a spray gun or a large roller. 

Head to our store to check out our range of microfibre small paint rollers or contact us today for help choosing the perfect roller for whatever project you have in mind.