Do you ever get tired of paint roller fuzz being left behind whenever you’re painting? If so, you should try using a microfibre paint roller. A microfibre paint roller has tiny fibres that grab onto the paint. This means no fuzz, clean walls, and a crisp paint job. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a microfibre paint roller. We’ll also clear up why they’re better than other kinds of paint rollers.

Foam Rollers Vs Microfibre Rollers – What’s the difference?

There are several kinds of paint rollers that you can use when painting. The most common are foam rollers and synthetic rollers. Two synthetic rollers we specialise in are microfibre and dacron paint rollers. 

Foam rollers are made up of a sponge-like material at their core that soaks up paint to allow you to apply the paint to whatever job you’ve got planned. Although they may be budget-friendly and cheaper to purchase, foam paint rollers aren’t suitable for all types of painting jobs and are best used for thinner paint for short term use. The reason why they’re not best for other conditions when painting the desired surface is that there’s a higher likelihood of streaking, inconsistent or lower quality finishes and it leaves little bubbles. As fussy painters ourselves, we know what it’s like using a foam roller compared to a microfibre roller and specialise in microfibre rollers for a reason. 

Synthetic rollers, such as microfibre rollers are made of synthetic fibres made similarly to traditional tightly-woven cloths that are extremely durable, versatile and great to paint with (especially when you buy high-quality microfibre rollers from Two Fussy Blokes!). Our microfibre rollers, like other synthetic rollers, have fabric made of plastic, not natural materials like wool or cotton. They are more durable so much so that beginner or professional painters alike can use them for much longer when needed and there’s less chance of them breaking down under pressure or needing replacements in comparison to foam rollers. 

However, it’s important to note that not all synthetic rollers are created equal. Although all microfibre rollers are made of synthetic fibers, not all synthetic rollers are microfibre rollers. Other synthetic paint rollers include ones made with polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibres. 

Other synthetic paint rollers are different to microfibre ones in many ways. While they are made with similar materials to microfibre rollers, they are composed of larger fibres that are more prone to breakage and can also leave synthetic fuzz on surfaces after painting. Microfibre paint rollers are made with tiny fibres to grab onto the paint, last longer due to the smaller, stronger fibres and reduce shedding lint during your paint job for  a smoother, stunning finish. 

What Makes Microfibre Rollers Better?

Microfibre is a type of material that has very small fibres woven together. It is usually composed of a polyester/nylon blend. This creates an absorbent surface area. Microfibre soaks liquids like water or paints into its fabric. When you apply paint, the roller won’t leave a heavy pattern on what you’re painting. 

Microfibre is better when it comes to applying paints, but it’s also easier on your hands! You’ll find that using these types of materials requires less effort. You’re saving energy while giving an even finish every time with no fuzz left over after finishing up a job. The small fibres grab onto paint easily and consistently releases the paint from the roller with each stroke. Our microfibre paint rollers are high quality and with a premium roller like one from Two Fussy Blokes, you also get more coverage per square foot painted. That means less time spent painting over strokes to make them consistent and beautiful results in the nick of time! Consult with your microfibre roller stockist to ensure that you get the microfibre roller that works best for you.

Microfibre paint rollers also have the following other benefits: 

1. They’re easy to clean! 

You can wash microfibre rollers in warm water without detergent or fabric softener. Make sure the water’s not too hot and always follow the product’s recommended instructions for cleaning your roller to ensure you don’t damage the fibres and can’t reuse the microfibre roller at all.

2. They don’t splatter as much.

Due to the efficiency and paint release benefits of the smaller fibres in microfibre rollers, they don’t splatter as much as other types of paint rollers. That means a smaller clean-up job post-painting and a faster painting experience for everyone. 

Where to Buy Microfibre Paint Rollers

In the end, a microfibre paint roller is a great investment. They may be more expensive than other kinds of rollers but they save time and energy while providing an even finish without any fuzz. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option that won’t leave your hands tired at the end of the day, go with Two Fussy Blokes microfibre rollers today. 

Two Fussy Blokes manufacture a great range of microfibre paint rollers that you can purchase from our online store or through our stockists worldwide. Painting has never been easier with our premium microfibre paint roller range. Two Fussy Blokes microfibre paint roller sleeves are made from the highest-grade microfibre. Coming in many sizes (big or small paint roller sleeves), nap sizes and finishes to match what you need to paint and how you’ll go about painting it for a stunning result. The unique design of our paint rollers will enable you to work with ease. The soft, dense microfibre roller sleeves are durable and easy on your arms, wrist, hands and fingers.

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