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Perfect gift for painter or upcycler. The essential upcycle kit includes stylish mini roller wooden handle & two mini roller 3 packs.

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Which paint roller is right for you

A breakdown of the Two Fussy Blokes range

Which paint roller is right for you?

So how can you tell which paint roller is right for you? Here’s a handy breakdown of all the Two Fussy Blokes paint rollers and what you should use them for.

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What roller length should you use?

For smaller walls and ceilings, choose a 230mm (9") roller, slightly larger surfaces we would recommend 270mm (11") and 360mm (14") would be used mainly on commercial projects or large surfaces.
» Keep in mind that larger rollers are heavier and more challenging to use.

Our Recommendation

The key to achieving a satisfying finish is to make sure that the painted surface is prepared well - holes filled, surface well cleaned, and dried. Also, before starting using our roller, always use water to "rinse & spin before you begin" and you will achieve the best finish right from the start. Besides, the post-painting cleaning process will be much easier too!

THE ROLLER COVER THAT LEAVES A SPRAY LIKE FINISHThe shortest nap in our mini-roller range, the 5mm is gaining huge popularity within upcycling communities and with well-known furniture painters like HPKUK. By enabling you to achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun, these 5mm rollers allow painters to transform old kitchens and furniture at a seriously low cost.

Smooth | Semi-Smooth | Semi-Smooth Plus

Microfibre Rollers

Microfibre paint roller sleeve will leave smooth to semi-smooth finish.

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Dacron Rollers

Dacron paint roller sleeve will give you superb coverage

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Dacron 230mm/10mm Nap/3Pack


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Two Fussy Blokes Black T-shirt Unisex (XX-Large)USD $11.90

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the structure of the fabric, our 10mm Dacron rollers perform best with acrylic paints and are not suitable for oil-based paints. 

If you’re priming your brand-new plasterboard walls or repainting either darker or lighter, our Dacron is the best pick to achieve optimal coverage and a professional-looking finish. Learn more about Dacron vs. microfibre here.

Our 5mm-nap microfibre rollers are best for smooth surfaces where a seamless finish is desired — such as flat walls, doors, and large cupboards.

10mm naps are best for top coats or large paint projects where more coverage and smooth finishes are required. Our roller-sleeve fabric is designed to leave a smooth, uniform finish on painted surfaces.

We recommend our Dacron roller for acrylic primers to enhance the finish of the microfibre.

Use a 15mm nap when you don’t require a smooth finish and when time is of the essence. Our 15mm-nap microfibre roller is ideal for these scenarios; it holds more paint than the 10mm (allowing you to complete your project more quickly) and still leaves a smooth finish.


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Shop our range of game-changing microfibre paint rollers, made for the fussiest professional painters and renovators alike! Made with high-tech microfibre with a specific fabric design to keep your work clean and with a super smooth finish, we have a range of sizes built for many surfaces and paints to give you flexibility and optimal coverage, no matter how big or small your painting job is.

We don’t just stock great microfibre paint rollers but Dacron paint rollers too! These are great for acrylic paints and has a unique fibre structure that works best for difficult colours and new plaster walls.

Alongside our great range of microfibre and dacron paint rollers, our online store also has a range of paint tools to complement them and build out a perfect kit for all fussy painters. Paint tools available include roller frames and glass scrapers as well as merchandise so you can look the part while painting too. 

Available across the world at numerous stockists and ready to ship online globally, as Two Fussy Blokes, we know what to look for in great painting tools for all professionals, DIYers and more. We also pride ourselves on our sustainable business practices and packaging to do our bit for the environment while we ace at any paint jobs that come our way!