Dacron Roller Sleeves

If you’re looking for superior coverage when working with difficult colours or painting wallboard sealers, look no further than our premium professional Dacron paint rollers. At Two Fussy Blokes, we know the frustration of your paint roller just not working well enough for tricky water-based colours, which can make a job take forever and waste time if you’re applying extra coats that need longer to dry. 

These roller sleeves are made from select, long-lasting Dacron synthetic fibres and provide a really satisfying finish. Available in many sizes and a semi-smooth finish, they also provide excellent colour suspension so each roller load will cover better than conventional products. Allow for faster coverage of large areas and fewer rollers changes with these reliable Dacron paint rollers! 

As fussy painters, we know that nothing but the best will do and we’ve ensured you only get the best quality roller sleeves that will do the job and have great longevity too. Shop our range of Dacron paint rollers as singles or in a pack of three if you need to stock up, in 230mm, 270mm and our new 360mm sizes today! 

For more information on premium paint rollers, feel free to contact our friendly team at Two Fussy Blokes. If Dacron doesn’t seem like it may be right for you, don’t forget to check out our game-changing micro-fibre paint rollers and other painting accessories to get your painting going sooner rather than later.