When nothing butthe best will do.

When Nothing But The Best Mini Roller Sleeves Will Do

Mini Roller Sleeves

spray like finish roller

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/10 Pack$25.84

smoothest finish roller

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/3 Pack$9.34

long pile mini rollers

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 15mm Nap/3 Pack$10.89

best mini paint rollers

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 10mm Nap/10 Pack$25.84

mini roller sleeves

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 10mm Nap/3 Pack$9.34

Wooden Handle Mini Roller Frame

Mini Paint Roller Frame with 2 Microfibre Rollers$23.99

Two Fussy Blokes Upcycling Gift Pack$40.00

Looking for a paint roller that provides you with more accuracy and fits smaller surface areas? Our mini roller sleeves are the way to go! Two Fussy Blokes provides you with premium, high-quality mini roller sleeves that help you get the job done with a superior finish and no splatter to reduce mess on the job.  We offer you mini paint roller sleeves for indoor and outdoor use, with a range of nap sizes, finishes and materials. We specialise in all paint rollers that are high quality and satisfy even the fussiest painters.

Ideal for painting smaller surfaces such as doors, windows, skirting boards and other small objects. Small paint rollers are a must for all the nooks and crannies, no matter how big or small your paint job is. They reduce the risk of getting paint on surrounding areas by minimizing splatter, meaning less mess to clean up. As well as the reduced risk of paint spillage, they help you achieve an even finish with superior control. Shop our game-changing mini roller sleeves online, we ship globally or visit one of our many friendly stockists around the world. There’s nothing more satisfying than a thoroughly well-done coat of paint and our mini roller sleeves are here to help you do just that, easily and mess-free.