100mm (4") Microfibre Mini Roller Sleeves

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/10 PackUSD $13.57

Microfibre Mini 100mm Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/3 PacksUSD $5.77

Out of stock

Microfibre Mini 100mm Paint Rollers 15mm Nap/3 PacksUSD $6.82

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 10mm Nap/10 PackUSD $13.57

Microfibre Mini Paint Rollers 10mm Nap/3 PackUSD $4.90

230mm (9") Microfibre Roller Sleeves

Microfibre 230mm Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/Singles

Microfibre 230mm Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/SinglesUSD $6.30

Microfibre Paint Roller 230mm/15mm Nap/3Pack

Microfibre Paint Roller 230mm/15mm Nap/3PackUSD $16.17

Microfibre Paint Roller 230mm/15mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Roller 230mm/15mm Nap/SingleUSD $6.35

Microfibre Paint Rollers 230mm/10mm Nap/3Pack

Microfibre Paint Rollers 230mm/10mm Nap/3PackUSD $15.01

Microfibre Paint Roller 230mm/10mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Roller 230mm/10mm Nap/SingleUSD $5.48

270mm (11") Microfibre Roller Sleeves

Microfibre Paint Rollers 270mm/5mm Nap/Single

Microfibre 270mm Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/SinglesUSD $6.82

Microfibre Paint Roller 270mm/15mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Roller 270mm/15mm Nap/SingleUSD $6.63

Microfibre Paint Rollers 270mm/15mm Nap/3Pack

Microfibre Paint Rollers 270mm/15mm Nap/3PackUSD $16.75

Microfibre Paint Rollers 270mm/10mm Nap/3Pack

Microfibre Paint Rollers 270mm/10mm Nap/3PackUSD $15.59

Microfibre Paint Roller 270mm/10mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Roller 270mm/10mm Nap/SingleUSD $5.77

360mm (14") Microfibre Roller Sleeves

Out of stock
Microfibre Paint Roller 360mm/10mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Rollers 360mm/10mm Nap/3PackUSD $22.57

Microfibre Paint Roller 360mm/15mm Nap/3pack

Microfibre Paint Rollers 360mm/15mm Nap/3PackUSD $21.94

Microfibre Paint Roller 360mm/15mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Roller 360mm/15mm Nap/SingleUSD $8.08


Microfibre Paint Roller 360mm/10mm Nap/SingleUSD $7.22

455mm (18") Microfibre Roller Sleeves

Microfibre Paint Roller 455mm/10mm Nap/Single

Microfibre Paint Roller 455mm/10mm Nap/SingleUSD $8.92

Microfibre 455mm Paint Rollers 15mm Nap/SinglesUSD $9.97

Painting has never been easy with our high-tech microfibre paint roller range.

Truly a game-changer in the industry, at Two Fussy Blokes, we pride ourselves on providing the best, premium paint tools for a satisfying finish without splatter or a mess. Microfibre paint rollers are just better and our paint rollers, in particular, are nothing but the best, so that even the fussiest painters will find one that works for them. Forget foam rollers when you can get a microfibre roller sleeve with improved technology and fabric texture that picks up four times the amount of paint for a satisfying paint pick up and release. 

The unique design

Two Fussy Blokes microfibre paint roller sleeves are made from the highest-grade microfibre, which is superior to foam in many ways. Coming in many sizes (big or small paint roller sleeves), nap sizes and finishes to match what you need to paint and how you’ll go about painting it for a stunning result.  The unique design of our paint rollers will enable you to work with ease. The soft, dense microfibre roller sleeves are durable and easy on your arms, wrist, hands and fingers.


Our friendly global Two Fussy Blokes stockists and our online store shipping around the world has everything you need to get started on your painting journey, whether you’re a DIYer or a pro.