Furniture flips are the future 

We’ve all said it at some point in our lives: that would look good as new with a lick of paint! Is this idealism pure overkill or is there an element of truth to the claim? We think the latter. In a time when we’re becoming more and more conscious of the impact we can have on the planet, upcycling may prove to be more important than ever! Why throw out perfectly good furniture when all that it needs is a little TLC? Whether that means restoration or a complete transformation, it doesn’t take much to turn a “piece of junk” into a beautiful item for the home. Roll up your overalls and bring some new life to your garden, bathroom or bedroom. It could be a coffee table you found on the side of the road, or a charming old desk that just needs a bit of touching up to bring out its timeless character. You can repurpose your treasured possessions right now!

Take one look at TikTok or Youtube, and you’ll find people all over the world finding ways to upcycle the objects around them into trendy pieces and decor for their space. Basic mirrors spruced up into modern, wavy statement pieces. Tables flipped with tiles for an abstract, retro design. DIY decor replacing IKEA vases and candle holders. Everywhere we look, people are becoming inspired to pick up a paint brush or find their way around a glue gun; getting super creative and finding ways to revive pre-loved furniture. And, with the added benefit of providing a lesson on sustainability, we’re here for it! Waste is never a good thing, whether it relates to your wallet or the environment. While upcycling is a relatively easy, affordable and eco-conscious hobby, there are a few steps to keep in mind when embarking on your upcycling journey. 

Prepare your surface the right way

Not all surfaces are created equal. We know this because we’re fusspots, you see. We’ve mastered the art of being pedantic about our paint jobs—just as we’re sure our readers probably are too! So here are some considerations for amateur and pro thrift flippers. First things first, choose the best paint for your project. Some might require spray paint to get the job done quick-smart, others have more specific needs, as water-based paints are easy for newbies to work with and oil-based ones might be trickier buggers—but they last longer. 

A new lease on life for your furniture

Varnished timber

Rolling on some paint is an awesome way to bring worn timber or cabinets back to life! Remove a little bit of the varnish so that the primer will take and cling on to the surface. Clean the item of furniture with a scouring pad and some household or multi-purpose cleaner, use a putty cleaner to fill in cracks or damaged areas. Next comes sanding and priming, and once that’s dry, you’re ready to get your rollers out!


Plastic is one of those materials you can get messy and have a lot of fun with—spraying up a storm. Like with the timber, it calls for a primer so that the paint will stay in place after it’s dry. Clean the surface before priming, and opt for an aerosol primer if you’re longing for an even finish. A glossy sealant also does wonders for a professional-looking top coat!


Time for some heavy metal! If the exterior of your house, or any of your outdoor furniture made of metal, is rusting or peeling, it may be crying out for an extra coat of paint! A wire brush can clean off rust and old paint, and you can follow this up with a couple of coats of spray primer. Once primed and dried, you can give the surface a few light coats of enamel paint.


Plywood is durable and adaptable, so it can be applied to a range of projects, making it ideal for upcycling. Clean up the surface with a brush and shovel, use wood filler to seal up any holes or imperfections you might spot, and when dry, you can sand it down. Once smooth, paint and prime it—there are all-in-one solutions if you’re lacking motivation—and call it a day! Easy as, right? 

Spruce up any material and surface

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