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230mm Roller Frame


When Nothing But The Best Painting Accessories Sleeves Will Do


Eco Tray 160mm SingleUSD $7.55

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TFB 230mm big roller frame

230mm Paint Roller Frame Single USD $11.86

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Mini Paint Roller Frame Single- LongUSD $9.70

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Two Fussy Blokes Glass Scraper Spare Blades

Glass Scraper Spare Blades 10PKUSD $5.93

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Two Fussy Blokes Mini Paint Roller Frame Single

Mini Paint Roller Frame Single- SmallUSD $8.63

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TWO FUSSY BLOKES Glass Scraper Single

Glass Scraper SingleUSD $7.55

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Microfiber paint rollers

Mini Paint Roller Frame with 2 Microfibre RollersUSD $12.95

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If you’re just starting on your painting journey or you’ve been doing it for decades, you’ll always need some trusty accessories to help achieve a great result, no matter what you’re painting! At Two Fussy Blokes, we offer some great accessories for the fussy painter including glass paint scrapers and eco-friendly paint roller frames (that handily come with two microfibre roller sleeves to get you started!). 

Glass paint scrapers are useful for removing paint, dirt and adhesive from glass, tiles, mirrors and other hard surfaces without scratching or leaving behind unsightly smears. The blade is made of tempered glass which means it won’t leave any jagged edges as regular steel scrapers can. Our glass scraper comes with three blades and is designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. 

Our mini paint roller frames are made out of environmentally friendly wood and don’t use any plastic as Two Fussy Blokes understand the impact materials and processes can have on the planet. These are tested to our pretty high standards and make painting effortless. Popular for all types of paint jobs, small roller frames like this one will fit our mini roller microfibre sleeves, and are great for painting furniture, kitchen units, window frames and more!