When nothing but the best will do

We’re Fussy. But that’s just how we roll

You could say we’re fussy about painting. Obsessive even. And you’d be right. So when we couldn’t find any painting tools that lived up to our very high standards, we created them.

We’re not the only ones who are fussy!

I’m seriously thinking of buying some shares @TwoFussyBlokes , it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m in love 😍 A pack of 10 rollers, should be a good day 🍌 #kitchen #painting
All stocked up on @TwoFussyBlokes 10mm and 5mm smooth & semi smooth rollers.
Love these little guys. #Spraylikefinish 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼❤️❤️
Finally used #twofussyblokes this week. They brilliant! Hold good amount of paint, nice finish, but the best bit is the fact they mould into the wood you're rolling...
Very impressed with the Two Fussy Blokes 5mm nap roller today. Used one also on the walls for the reveals and behind the radiators.
Thank you. Not going to lie. Going really well. On our second lot now! Nothing but positive feedback. Especially the smooth ones.
Flat architrave! Cannon fodder for a TwoFussyBlokes sleeve. Faster than a fast thing from fastville!
Paint goes on with super coverage and when dry it’s as if it’s been sprayed. What is this black magic?? I’m truly two fussy blokes converted they’re the only ones I’ll use. They are somehow absorbent with amazing coverage which I know sounds contradictory but it’s true!!!

Semi Smooth

Premium Quality Dacron Roller

Semi Smooth

Premium Quality Microfibre Roller


Premium Quality Microfibre Roller


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Latest piece 🖤💛




Another superb delivery from @topdecbrush @AnduraCoatings Thanks guys 👍
Gonna be giving the @TeknosGBI Futura Aqua a go for the first time too, so I’m looking forward to that. Some of my favourite @ToupretUK filler & a @TwoFussyBlokes 9” semi smooth plus roller to try also 🤗

To thank you all for your love ❤️ and support during 2020 we are giving away 3⃣ #TwoFussyBlokes products.
For a chance to #win follow the steps below:
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Giveaway closes Sunday 17th January 2021

Very sad but also very motivating to reduce our waste. Support brands who are going out on a limb to change the way things are done.

Your support has been the key ingredient to our success. Wishing you and your family a happy new year. May 2021 return to some sort of normality. #TwoFussyBlokes #HappyNewYear2021

The Best of the P&D Show from 6pm this evening…

Some best bits from recent guests – John Kerry (@jkerry79) & Sean Kelly (@Hertsdecorator)

There’s everything from Russian TV to @TwoFussyBlokes Sleeves!

The Painting & Decorating Show – in partnership with @LeylandSDM

Got there in the end! Walls stripped & lined with @Wallrocklining
Ceiling AR2, Walls Optiva Ceramic3 & woodwork Helmi 10 applied with @TwoFussyBlokes
That’s me for 2020. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas x


Hallway completed. Ceiling Macpherson’s eclipse, walls and woodwork @johnstonestrade. Rolled panelling with @twofussyblokes fantastic spray like finish. #decorator


Thank u @topdecbrush for my delivery. Can’t wait to give the new @TwoFussyBlokes semi smooth plus ago as still yet to use them. Also I jyst love my @ArroWorthy_UK brushes. 🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄

The Two Fussy Blokes Team and their partners enjoying the Christmas party to celebrate another incredible but challenging year.

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